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The New Black Gold EVOLVE® Styler offers an evolution in styling with its unique and innovative cylindrical design. Combined with multi-directional round edge plates, the revolutionary round housing allows for flawless styling that goes beyond simply straightening.Curls and waves are easily created with the cylindrical housing that make manoeuvrability easy and comfortable, adapting to the unique way each stylist holds their tool.

The new EVOLVE® Styler features the Hot Tools® award winning Black Gold Titanium Styling Surface and innovative Pulse Technology along with a true Ionic Generator that creates softer hair when styling. This advanced conditioning Ionic Technology ensures less damage, straighter results, reduced frizz for smooth, shiny hair.

  • 30% faster styling
  • Dazzling shine
  • Smoother finish

With bold looks and five-star performance, it's the ultimate Christmas present. Give the gift of hell-yeah hair this year!

Hot Tools Black Gold Limited Edition Evolve

SKU: CR009
£165.00 Regular Price
£148.95Sale Price